Frost is a collaboration between the beautiful chanteuse and femme digitale Aggie Peterson and producer, blipster and partner Per Martinsen . Together, and with a little help from their popstar friends Röyksopp and Norwegian trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær they produced the album Melodica in 2001 to great acclaim from critcs in the UK and the US.

In 2001, the 7-inch single Pharmacy b/w Half-Whole rapidly sold out its limited run of 500 copies through selected outlets - already a much sought after gem. Then, the double-pack 12-inch with several remixes of the track Amygdala by the likes of Atom(TM) , Qwerty , Mind Over Midi and Per 's techno alias Mental Overdrive found its way to the specialist records stores, dj's and radio stations.

Then, Melodica was released in Scandinavia, UK, Taiwan and USA - and has since become an "internet-album"   - being highly recommended on forums and shops in all kind of languages all over the web, thus spreading Melodica to music lovers all over the world.

Said about Melodica:

and Per hail from Tromsø in the far north of Norway and draw their inspiration from the twisted reality that goes with an upbringing at the very social and geographical edge of civilization - a place where emotional solitude and detachment meet electric dreams of metropolitan life - but possibly gets it all wrong in the process."

"Melodica lands on a vibe somewhere close to the Cocteau Twins teleported into the next millennium utilising the prototype of Raymond Scott 's long lost tone-teleportation-modulator."

UK/US Reviews of Melodica:

(...) one of them, ahem, hottest bands on the Norwegian/Scando circuit right now is Frost. Occasionally, very occasionally, an album is so incredible that it makes you sit back in your uncomfortable office seat and think 'wow'. Frost is such a band, 'Melodica' such an album, and singer Aggie Peterson such a femme fatale. Lush, sweeping, sparkly, quirky, heartbreaking, post-synth pop... the adjectives could go on and on (...).

Time Out, London (UK)

Frost's 'Melodica' is, very much, a chilly contraction of 'melodic' and 'electronica'. Kind of Portishead-meets-Björk, singer Aggie Peterson and "blipster" Per Martinsen create a doleful, chic sound of some spangeled beauty. (...) Wintry but warm, and very well crafted.

Norwegian duo Frost unveils languid emotional electro-pop vistas on its spacious and lush debut "Melodica." (...) Peterson's evocative torch songs and detached soulful stylings drift beautifully over Martinsen's supple electronic musical backdrops. "Melodica" is more than just another "coffee table" or "chill-out" confection (...).
Billboard (US)

Now, a new album is on it's way !
Aggie and Per are working full-time in the studio now, and the
follow-up album of Melodica is due to be released
in the first half of 2006 !

For more info, send en e-mail to FrostWorld Recordings,
Fossveien 19, 0551 OSLO, Norway