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FrostWorld Recordings
Fossveien 19
0551 Oslo, Norway



Frost has been touring all over Norway since 1998. Frost has been playing at the biggest Norwegian festival "Quart" in both 1999 (Idrettshallen) and 2002 (ClubQuart) and at the Molde Jazz festival in 2002.

The band has also performed in France (Le Bateaux Fare, Paris), England (Notting Hill Arts Club, London), Sweden (Cafe Opera, Stockholm), Germany (The MTC Club, Cologne), Hungary and Bosnia. They are one of the few Norwegian acts who played at the Roskilde festval this summer for more than 5000 people..

Frost has been doing more than 50 live shows, performing on everything from small club-scenes to huge festival stages, in addition to special events.


Frost plays electronic, vocal-based music. Very melodic, thus the title of their new album "Melodica". Frost live is a wonderful experience, dreamy, yet groovy, soft yet edgy.

The band can do two different live set-ups:
a) Aggie and Per - "electro duo set"
b) Aggie, Per and Anders - "trio set"

Aggie:vocals, chimes, keyboards, kitchen-gadgets and bubbles
Per:electronic sounds, grooves, effects, melodica

The band playes about 1 to 1 1/2 hour set with a selection of songs from both albums in special live versions.

Per Martinsen is a well known and respected DJ and have been playing since the early days of techno music. He has played all over the world, from Kirkenes to Buenos Aires. You may also know his other productions under artist names like The Gruesome Twosome, Syamese, Mental Overdrive, Illumination, Chilluminati etc.
(See more on his LoveOD

Per and Aggie also Dj's together as "Herr & Fru", playing a marvellous blend of their more than varied record-collections. (Also see Aggie's "Inspiration-list" on the Amazing Secret Site!)