New website up and running
You're welcome to visit the brand new Frost website at! will still remain here for old times sake...

Sleepwalker + remixes on 12" vinyl!
The great space-pop-disco tune "Sleepalker", with seperate mixes by both Per and Aggie, in addition to Rune Lindbæk's disco varation, will be available from May 15th in selected stores around the globe.

Sleepwalker single / Norway
The single will be released as a download through iTunes and other digital outlets in Norway from the 21st of April!

New website in the making!
A new website on is soon to come. In the meantime, visit Frost's MySpace site, and listen to "Sleepwalker"! Be a friend - leave a message - listen to great music...

New Frost album
Aggie and Per's are still in the studio polishing their new songs! Sign up on the mailing-list if you want to know more about release-dates and news about the forthcoming album. Releasedate TBA.

Frost @ By:Larm, Tromsø 2006
Aggie and Per will play two concerts during the Norwegian music convention By:Larm in their home town Tromsø! The duo will finally reveal their new material for the upcoming Frost album of 2006.

Solefald nominated to Alarmprisen!
Solefalds album, "Red for Fire...", is nominated for best Metal album. Aggie contributes on vocals on this Odessy of an album.

"Alt Flyter" confirmed to Tromsø Int. Film Festival 2006!
The documentary on mr. Jan Wangaard, a true artist in many aspects of life, is confirmed to be on TIFF's program in Tromsø. Original film music by written, produced and performed by Aggie Peterson. One new Frost song, "Sleepwalker" written by Aggie & Per, is also part of this film. This is a great filmfestival, in arctic surroundings, in late January.

Aggie goes Metal...
Aggie is contributing with her angelic voice on Norwegian metal band Solefald's latest album "Red for fire - An Icelandic Odessy Part I". An interesting combination... Read more on their label webiste or read's smashing review (in Norwegian).

Film music
Aggie has just finished composing and producing the original score to the Norwegian documentary about Jan Wangaard in Lofoten, made by Lars Nilssen and Sherpafilms. The film will also include a bright new Frost song. The film, entitled "Alt flyter" will be out in December 2005.

Aggie's remix of Nils Petter Molvær
Molvær's remix-album "Remakes" is out on Sula Records. Many great artists have contributed: Matthew Herbert, Bugge Wesseltoft, Bill Laswell, Side Brok and TeeBee. Aggie has done a beautiful and girly mix of "Little Indian". Have a look at Molvær's site and listen to a sound clip.


Herr & Fru dj-set in Stavanger!
Aggie and Per will get some fresh air, getting their noses out of the studio for a few days... Look out for an eclectic mix/mash dj-set at Tou Scene on Saturday 12th of November. (There are some rumours telling us that they might bring along a microphone and try out some of their new tunes...).

Mental Overdrive live in Paris
October 15th at the Factory Festival in Paris.
Check out the LoveOD site for more info.

Mental Overdrive live at Ekkofest, Bergen
October 22nd at Landmark in Bergen.
Check out the LoveOD site for more info.

May 15th: Linz-festival, Austria
Frost will play live at the Linz-festival in Austria at Open Air Buhne, plan 2 in Donaupark. The concert will start at 18.30 hrs (Note: if the weather is bad the show will be moved to Brucknerhaus, Plan 7, Big Hall).

Per and Aggie working in Tromsø on the new Frost album
Per and Aggie just came back from Tromsø where they spent their Easter holiday indoors working on the new tunes for the next Frost album. Hopefully being in their home town, far far north, was good inspiration...

Aggie remixes Kari Rueslåtten
Aggie has just finished a remix of Kari Rueslåtten's beautiful tune "Ride" from her last album "Other People's stories". More info to come.

Guestbook-problems repaired
Unfortunately, there has been some problems with the guestbook, due to irritating spam, but the problems should be fixed now, so please leave a message if you want to!

April 8nd-9th: Café Opera, Bergen
Aggie and Per will be in Bergen for the big celebration of Café Opera, and will at be dj'ing Friday and Saturday.

March 26th: Per & Aggie DJ-set
"Herr&Fru" Dj set at Kaos in Tromsø again! Don't miss this evening, it will be a great and cheerful night! Let's dance!
Fra pressemelding: "Lørdag 26 mars vil Per Martinsen/Aggie Frost spiller glad friskusmusikk som lukter lanosåpe og ubrukte ulvangsokker. Dette er kun om de er i rette formen og det er fint påskevær! Hvis ikke kan det bli dyster og spooky jente-elektronika og søppelmannsrock med diskopreg, hvem vet...?"

Pictures from Fabric
Pictures from Fresh Air on Fabric on the official Norway site in the UK. Click here!

March 03: Sunkissed @Fabric, London
In March, Frost will back in London as a part of the big Sunkissed happening at Fabric! Make sure to book this date if you want to see many great Norwegian acts in a wide range of style and genres! Full line-up confirmed now, including great artists such as:
Magnet, Annie, Biosphere, Nils Petter Molvær, Bugge Wesseltoft , King Midas and many many more.... You can get your tickets online from TicketWeb or Ticketmaster. Hope to see you there!
* Frost will be on stage from 23.00 to 23.30 in Room 2! *

Tromsø Int. Film Festival
Frost wil do very few live gigs in the beginning of 2005, because working in the studio is priority no1! They will however, do their special “Herr & Fru” DJ-set at the opening party for the most northern International Film Festival in Tromsø in January 18th-23rd!


Aggie & Per DJ-sets in December
Aggie and Per will do a couple of their special "Herr & Fru" DJ-sets to celebrate the joy of Christmas! They will spin records with a wide range of variety - get ready to hear the best selection from Aggie and Per's record collection!
Dec. 17th - Trondheim - Cafe Dali (Cancelled!)
Dec. 18th - Tromsø - Kaos

Frost for X-mas?!
Have you visited the Frost-store? Find cool Frost stuff, great presents for your friends... You'll find things for girls and for well as a whole range of stuff designed by Aggie.

New Frost album coming up!
While Per has been busy, Aggie has been a real geek in the studio, working in Logic a lot of new songs that will result in a wonderful, new Frost-album due to be released in 2005! Per and Aggie are now recording and producing the album - so they will spend most of the wintry, cold Norwegian days and night in the studio.... Be aware of more golden gems from the Norwegian electronica-duo!

"Messages" recording in progress
Aggie has just been in the studio doing vocals on what will be Frost's special version of OMD's song Messages from the early 1980's. If you have been to a Frost concert, you'll recognize this song, as the band has played this tune for a while now. We're waiting in anticipation for the result!

Per with two new releases
Per has been a busy bee lately, with two brand new releases! First, with companion Nick Sillitoe as "Illumination", with a great album called "The Poppy Rocks" - then, coming up in November, Per's solo-work "Mental Overdrive" with the third album "083", out on Smalltown Supersound. Follow these links if you want to know more! Per's label; LoveOD Communications & Smalltown Supersound

Akff with remixed Amygdala-video!
See the new version of the Amygdala video based on Atom Heart's weird remix. Se it here:(19.4Mb). Akff's web-page is well worth a visit!

See the Amygdala music-video!
Aggie as a film-noir diva, a bit tragic though, preparing herself to meet the pulsating city outside... The film is on 8mm made by Christian Mona and Leif Henning B Johnsen, also known for their fantastic safari-video and Jaga Jazzist. Watch the videos on AKFF's website (19.4Mb)

Oct 31st: Frost @ Folkets Hus with Sri Lankian dance group
Frost will be doing a charity concert in Oslo with the Salangai Narthanalayam dance group and musicians from India. All income will be donated to needing children with dysfunctions in Sri Lanka, a country that has suffered from war and destruction the last 20 years

Oct. 16th: "Den store festen" in Bergen
Both Per and Aggie will be participating on Mikal Telle & co's great party in the fab Grieghallen, 16th of October. Per will be doing his Mental Overdrive live set

Sep 24th: Aggie Frost @ Ravnedalen with Helene Bøksle
Aggie met Helene during their visit in Tanzania this year, performing for his highness the Royal Prince of Norway. Helene invited Aggie to join her at her music/theather/performance-show in Ravnedalen of her home town, Kristiansand in September. The night-concert is inspired by the old fairytales of HC Andersen and it sure will be a magical night og elves, trolls, lighting and people

Sep 11th: Aggie DJ'ing @ Stratos, Oslo
Aggie will be warming up before DJ Seamus Haji at the beautiful Stratos with the perfect view over Oslo's skyline, Saturday 11th of September

Aug 21st: Frost and Mental Overdrive @ NuMusic-festival
Per and Aggie will do one of their "mr & mrs" duo-sets at the festival for lovers of electronic music, NuMusic festival in Stavanger. Per will also do a solo Mental Overdrive set the same night, with visuals by Jan Martin Vågen. Check out the fresh LoveOD web-pages and visit the new guestbook!

Aug 14th: Mental Overdrive and LCD Sound System @ Blå
Per will do his Mental Overdrive live set at Blå in Oslo, with the LCD Sound System, during Oslo Jazzfestival. Make sure you get tickets in time!

Aug 7th: Frost live @ Karlsøya-festivalen
Frost will play on Saturday during the Karlsøya-festivalen 6-8th of August. Just confirmed is electronic/techno-wizard Richard James aka Aphex Twin, same stage same evening! Other acts include Salvatore, Tungtvann and Karlsøy Prestegaard. Hurry, book your tickets to Tromsø and get on that ferry to the island Karlsøya....and chill out at one of the last hippie-festivals (no Telecompany sponsors in sight).... Just fun, music and the marvellous midnight sun!

Jul 30th: Frost live @ Elektrolytt festival
Electronic music festival at Blå in Oslo, Friday 30th of July. Line up for the evening: Lupo, Frost, The Machines.

May 21st: Frost live @ Momentum

Frost will be playing at the pre-launch party of Momentum 04, the largest Nordic festival of contemporary art, taking place in Moss, Norway the 21st of May. Among the exhibitors at Momentum 04 are Mathias Faldbakke, Kim Hiortøy, and Torbjørn Rødland. See link fom more details >>>

At last - the Boy album!
Frost's old band-members from the "Bedsit Theories" tour, Kasper & Kay have released their brand new album "I know you're not asleep" on dBut Records. Boy is a glamourus band with delightful pop-songs that makes you want the summer would last forever.... >>>

April: Frost to Tanzania
Per and Aggie were in Dar Es Salaam in April, doing a concert in collaboration with musicians from Tanzania and the norwegian artist Helene B¯ksle. The event was in the official program of the Royal Norwegian Embassy and His Royal Highness, The Crown Prince of Norway's visit in Tanzania.
Per and Aggie have been working with musicians from Tanzania before and are thrilled to meet the muscians of Marimba Studio again. The recordings from Africa and the work they have done together will be resulting in a CD, hopefully to be released this fall. It'll be exiting to hear what the sound of these two diverse worlds of frost and heat will sound like...

Frost on the "One World" Show on BBC Radio One!
BBC's "One World" show visited the legendary club Blå in Oslo and recorded the concerts of artists such as Nils Petter Molvær, Bugge Wesseltoft, Kim Hiortøy and Frost. Listen to the show!

Great reviews in the UK & US!
Frost has just released the Melodica album in the UK and have received many wonderful reviews, both by music journalists and listeners - read more by clicking here. The album is distributed by Shellshock Distribution and should be available in the UK in any good record stores.

Interview with Per and Aggie
CMU online journalist Vigsy did an inteview with Aggie and Per about their influences and how they work. Read the whole interview here - see the review of the album here.

Jan 31st: Wuha festival in Oslo
Aggie, Per and Anders will play at the Wuha festival in Oslo! Frost will do a joint evening with the Norwegian electronic band Palace of Pleasure at one of Oslo's best club's Blå, January 31st.
Wuha is a week of cultural activities where many of Norway's finest artists like Surferosa, Furia, Askil Holm, Øystein Greni & Nikolai Eilertsen, Jono El Grande, Bjørn Eidsvåg, Johndoe, Lars Beckstrøm, Don Juan Dracula, Arild Andersen, Paal Nilssen-Love, Bugge Wesseltoft, Ravi & DJ Løv, Briskeby, Home Groan, Wibutee, El Corazon,Palace of Pleasure, Shining, Beezewax...and Frost, are all playing to support the project. Everyone participating for Dugnad 2004 are volunteering. Wuha aims to help people in Eritrea and Ethiopia with basic needs such as clean water, better education and health-care. Read more on dugnad2004/

Frost released in Taiwan!
Frost's album "Melodica" is now released in Taiwan. Frost would love to come and play in Taiwan one day!

Frost at Sunkissed/Blå, Oslo January 24th

For andre år på rad arrangeres 'Sunkissed Live' i samarbeid mellom Sunkissed og engelske BBC Radio 1. Igjen kommer radio programmet 'One World' til Norge for å ta opp kremen av norsk undergrunns musikk. I fjor resulterte en ukes tur rundt Norge i tre programmer med opptak og musikk fra Tromsø, Bergen og Oslo.

Som i fjor arrangerer Sunkissed det som som nesten må kunne kalles en mini festival på Blå. Noen av norges mest kjente jazz- og elektronikaartister skal på scenen sammen med tre av norges viktigste dj's. Resultatet vil senere komme som en to timers spesial på BBC Radio 1's 'One World' program med intervjuer, konsert opptak og en stemningsraport fra Oslo.

BBC Radio 1, som med sine 'i gjennomsnitt godt over en million lyttere' til en hver tid også utvilsomt er Englands viktigste eksponent for ny musikk, har lenge hatt et godt øye til Norge. Sunkissed har lenge vært etablert som en av Oslo's viktigste house klubber. Vi har så langt arrangert to Sunkissed Live.

Program for kvelden (vær tidlig ute!):
19:30 - 20:00: Etmo vs Oliver Tison
20:30 - 21:00: Frost
21:20 - 21:50: Nils Petter Molvær
22:10 - 22:40: Kim Hiortøy Lokal Band m medlemmer av Jaga Jazzist
23:00 - 23:30: Bugge Wesseltoft
23:50 - 00:20: Kalle Magnus og Daniel
00:20 til 03:30: Paal 'Strangefruit' Nyhus, g-HA, Olanskii

Jan 19th: Release concert in London
Frost will play once more at the fabulous "Beachclub" evening at the Notting Hill Arts Club, January 19th, 2004. "Melodica" will be released in the UK on FrostWorld Recordings through Shellshock distribution on that very day.

Frost is joined by Norwegian Dj Joakim Hougland who is also the man behind the infamous record label Smalltowndsupersound which has big electronia innovators such as Kim Hiorthøy and Sir Duperman among their talent. Expect an alternative audio feast from Mr. Hougland who tends to go places in the contemporary musical universe other DJs fear to tread.

Program Monday 19.01 Beachclub:
LIVE: Frost, Skandinavia
DJ: Joakim Hougland
Photographer: Erik Burås
Resident DJs: Hinnerskov, Mr. T and The Sewing Club Asociation
Short films: Mother's Day by Angela Amoroso and Rendezvous by Per Sveinung Larsen

Time: 6pm - 1am
Price: free before 8pm, £5 after
Notting Hill Arts Club, 21 Notting Hill Gate >>
Tube - Notting Hill Gate
Buses -

Fun night at the Beach Club!
Per and Aggie played a elctronic duo set on the Notting Hill Arts Club in January. They had a great time and lots of people came to spend a cold Monday evening with Frost at the Beach Club! Thanks to everyone who were there! Also, a big thanks to the Norwegian Embassy for kind support.

Frost on college radio station in the US
Since the release of "Melodica" in the US FROST has rceived lot's of radio play and was recently no 4 on KCPR's "Distort us" chart

New 12" vinyl out in the US
A brand new Frost 12" vinyl is out on Shadow Records now!
A1: "Amygdala" Mental Overdrive's Bleep Mix
A2: "Amygdala" Qwerty's Coldwave Mix
B1: "Endless Love" Röyksopps's Analoge Euromiks
B2: "Amygdala" Original version

FALL 2003

"Melodica" out in Denmark!
A new version of "Melodica", including the bonus track "Endless Love" remixed by Röyksopp, is now out on FrostWorld Recordings/LoveOD distributed by VME. The album can be ordered from - a very good record store with nice prices...

Per will be playing his Mental Overdrive set at Bergen Internasjonale Film Festival at Landmark. Saturday the 18th of October.

FROST at the Insomnia Festival
Aggie, Per and Anders will be playing at the Insomnia Festival! The concert in their hometown Tromsø will be on Wednesday the 3rd of September at Driv.


Thanks to everyone showing up to our show in K¨ln during PopKomm! We had a great time and met so many nice people! Thanks again Udo for doing a good job! We'd love to come back sometime, says Aggie and Per.

FROST at PopKomm

Frost will be doing one of their magical live performances during the PopKomm convention in Cologne the 15th of August. You can hear Frost, Frisday night, at the MTC-club located at Zülpicher Str. 10 in Cologne Inner City. Aggie, Per and Anders will be playing at the "Way out North" stage - starting at 2100 hrs - so be there on time to catch a glimpse of FROST....

If you want to know more about FROST also visit the Voices (VME) stand on PopKomm or contact FrostWorld Recordings directly by e-mail.

Wonderful live performance at Roskilde!

Anders, Per and Aggie did a great performance at the Metropol stage on Sunday. 5000 people or so found their way into Roskilde's Metropol stage to hear Frost, just as the rain set in to cool down a partied out crowd.

After 3 days of drinking and music of the hard variety at large, it seemed like a lot of people were more than happy to breathe a little to the enchanting opening sounds of "Pharmacy". Aggie, Per and Anders slowly led the way to a safe haven, where the smell of urinals and ache of sanded eyelids seemed like a pleasingly distant memory. After moving through a couple of numbers from "Bedsit Theories" in new dress, all the highlights from "Melodica" got a magical treatment from the trio on stage.

After one hour sharp, and a grand finale with a surprise cover version of OMD's "Messages", a great many smiling faces were left to move on to the evening's closing shows. No stage-diving, no drunken screams - just a few thousand smiling faces all loved up...

Frost at Roskilde 2003

Aggie, Per and Anders will play an one hour live performance at the biggest festival in Scandinavia. Frost will be playing at the Metropol stage, Sunday the 29th of June at 14.30. Bring your friends and be there! Enjoy their wonderful music - catch the bubbles. See also Dagbladet

The shortfilm "Øyeblikk" by Thomas Christensen featuring Kristoffer Joner and Aggie Peterson will be shown Monday 2 June on Nrk 2 in the programme "kortklipt" starting at 23.30

Frost exhibited on Kunstindustrimuseet in Oslo

Statens Håndverk og Kunst Skole (SHKS) HOVEDFAG 2003 - DESIGN exhibits the students graduation works in the period of 04.05 - 25.05.03. Leif Henning Broch Johnsen and Christian Mona, also known as AKFF are showing their music videos, amongst them Frost's "Amygdala" >>>

More live-gigs confirmed!
Per and Aggie will be DJ'ing as "Herr&Fru" at the Canal Street Festival in Arendal in July. Per will also be DJ'ing another evening and Aggie will be doing a "jamsession" with the festivals invited musicians. Frost will be performing at the Insomnia Festival in Tromsø in September. There might finally be a gig in Oslo, possibly on Aggie's birthday, August 1st! See the live/tour page for additional info and updates.

The winner is: "Øyeblikk"
Aggie played a role in the Norwegian short film, "Øyeblikk", with the well known and talented actor Kristoffer Joner. The film was made by Thomas Christensen one warm week-end last summer. "Øyeblikk" won the most of the votes on NRK's "Kortklipt", a short film competition on tv based on the viewers response. Congratulations!

Aggie remixes Slowpho

Slowpho's just releasing a new EP for the summer, called "Summerflirt". Among the remixer's are Mind over Midi, Elektrofant, Simon Poole and Aggie Frost. This is her debut as a remixer and she has called it Aggie's Tropical Flowers Mix... It should be good for summer evenings... See Slowphos's site.

Aggie and Per dj'ing

as "Herr&Fru" and drinking their fabulous tea-drinks on the release party at Tea Lounge, May 14th in Oslo.


Great reviews from Sweden"Aggie sjunger varenda stavelse med en uppgiven desperation som känns långt ner i magen. Smärtsamt vacker. Så där bra som...." >>>

You can download this nice wallpaper of Frost's Amygdala Remixes on Atom Heart's homepage. Artwork by Heidi Gr¯nvold

Silent track on Amygdala Remixes
You've probably noticed the silent track on the Amygdala Remixes vinyl, Bj¯rn Torske's mix. Well, you see this is actually what he managed to deliver. Nothing! He fell asleep in his studio and never sent the we mastered his silence and, there it is... But, hopefully, he will deliver one day - and we'll put it out on free mp3's for you

Double Amygdala 12" finally arrived!

After some delay it's here! Will be available in selected vinyl stores and on the web.
Includes weird & wonderful mixes by Atom TM , Mental Overdrive, Bjørn Torske, Mind over Midi and Qwerty.

"Damian" on US compilation "Later"

Frost's song "Damian" is one of the song featuring on the American compilation, "Later" out on Surge Recordings these days. It's a 2 cd chill-out compilation featuring artists as Zero 7, Hardkandy, Bent, Moby and many more.

Frost on film-festival!

The beautiful musicvideo "Amygdala" will be featuring on the Norwegian shortfilm-festval Minimalen in Trondheim. The festival is from March 14-16, 2003 - focusing on Norwegian short films from last year. Amygdala will be shown in "Hovedprogram 3" on Saturday 15. at 1600 at Prinsen Kino. >>>

New radio single DUO
FrostWorld Recordings has released a brand new radio single in Norway, the wonderful ballad "Duo". It's a song about cold hands, a goldfish and of course it's about being in love... The song is available at for a limited period of time, enjoy!


FROST playing in London

Frost will be playing live at "Beachclub" at the Notting Hill Arts Club in London Monday Jan 27.

More concerts in February

Aggie, Per and Anders will do more concerts in February - we'll keep you informed as soon as the dates are confirmed

Aggie act as "Vivi" in Thomas Christensen's shortfilm "Øyeblikk" with Kristoffer Joner. "Øyeblikk" will be shown at NYX, (in Brugata in Oslo) Thursday Jan 16th at 2200 pm

Buy Pharmacy / Half-Whole from Rough Trade!
For UK residents we are happy to announce that the beautifiul 7" is available at Rough Trade >>>

Aggie and Per on BBC's One World show.
Paul Thomas from BBC's "One World" show visited Bergen and went to hear Frost's concert that evening. They have made a Norwegian Special feature on Norwegian artists within the electronic scene. Listen to some of the interviews, hear the music and look at the snapshots. Part two is the one with the Frost interview.
Part One
, Tromsø: >>>
Part Two, Bergen: >>>
Part Three, Oslo: >>>

"Amygdala/Mind over Midi's Emotional Memories Remix"

is one of the tracks featuring on the Norwegian compilation "Aroma No 1" by Tea Lounge out now! A beautiful selection of electronic/jazz, featuring Bugge Wesseltoft, Hardkandy, Bobby Hughes Experience and many others.

Frost on Paul Oakenfolds US compilation!
The beautiful mix of "Amygdala" done by Mind over Midi is one of the tracks on the Perfecto Chills vol.1, out now in the US on Thrive Records

Frost is signed to American label Shadow Records a sublabel of Instinct Records, the label that first signed Moby in the early 90's. Shadow is a label with artists as DJ Krush, DJ Cam, Kruder & Dorfmaister and 808 State amongst others. Melodica was released September 23th and is featuring 3 bonus tracks you can't find on the Norwegian version...

Frost's music in "Roswell"
Frost has two songs in the popular "Roswell" series, to be released on DVD in the US. The songs are "Half Whole" and "Damian"


Rough trade review/Amygdala Remixes double 12":

Excellent remix doublepack promo feat. Atom tm. Bjorn Torske and friends adding their subtle electronic and micro house touch to the original - for fans of Massive Attack, Zero 7 and Royksopp. All of Frost's vinyl can be ordered from Rough Trade.

Winter Chill
Frost's Half-Whole on Hed Kandis new compilation Winter Chill, 2 cd release featuring artists as Thievery Corporation, Julee Cruise, Aim, Moby and many others. Compiled by Mark Doyle, out now.

Amygdala double 12"to come...
Wonderful remixes of Amygdala wll be relased on a double 12" this fall with mixes by Atomä , Bjørn Torske, Mind over Midi and Qwerty. Includes weird & wonderful mixes by Atom TM , Mental Overdrive, Bjørn Torske, Mind over Midi and Qwerty.

12" delayed
The Amygdala 12" double vinyl has been delayed, not unusual for vinyl releases, so it will be out in January 2003!

Running Boy!

Running Boy is a quirky pop tune with weird beats crafted by Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge. The song is about a little boy who just loves to run! Running Boy is not for sale yet, only promotional copies...

appear on the"kykelikokos" in the morning, nov 9 2002

Did you miss ztv wednesday?
You can see Frost again sunday 11 november from 9:55 pm

FALL 2002

Frost & "Behind the Sun!
The music film for Amygdala hits the big screen! Oslo Kinematografer (Oslo Cinemas) will show the shortfilm Amygdala as a preview before "Behind the Sun!". From October 4th on Saga

Way Out North
at Oslo's Rockefeller Music Hall 26th October
Way Out North is the title of a new CD that will include tracks from 14 Norwegian artists, with names like Frost, Illumination, Palace Of Pleasure, Salvatore, Slowpho, Athome Project, Sternklang, Flunk, AM+The UV, Mental Overdrive and Tøyen.

The album will be distributed as a freebie with top UK magazine Jockey Slut in their January/February 2003 issue, and to mark the event - an evening with King Midas, Sternklang, Frost, Salvatore, Palace Of Pleasure (DJ-set) and Illumination (DJ-set) plus more will take place at Oslo's Rockefeller Music Hall 26th October

Frost + Al Pacino !
The music film for Amygdala hits the big screen! Oslo Kinematografer (Oslo Cinemas) will show the shortfilm Amygdala as a preview before Al Pacino's latest movie, "Simone". From October 4th on Vika and Saga.

TV-show October 2!
Frost will be on NRK's new program "Store Studio" Wednesday October 2. She will perform one song on the TV-show and then after the show, you can tune in to P2 at 22:30 and listen to three more songs!Find out more

Melodica is now released!
Melodica was 23 of September on FrostWorld Recordings / Universal Music Norway. It is only available in shops in Norway, but you can order it from the web >>>

New single coming up!
Running Boy is a quirky pop tune with weird beats crafted by Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge. The song is about a little boy who just loves to run! Running Boy is not for sale yet, only promotional copies...

Release-date of Melodica confirmed:

Melodica will be released 23 of September on FrostWorld Recordings / Universal Music Norway

New remix of Amygdala has arrived from Chile!

Atom ä aka Signor Cocnut aka Los Samplers aka Lassigue Bendthaus etc, has honoured us with his enormous talent in form of a brand new remix of Amygdala. You'll find it on Frost's double 12" coming up this fall. Check out this man's amazing discography at his website:

Amygdala double 12"to come...
Wonderful remixes of Amygdala wll be relased on a double 12" this fall with mixes by Atomä , Bjørn Torske, Mind over Midi and Qwerty.

See the Amygdala music-video!!
Frost as a film-noir diva, a bit tragic though, preparing herself to meet the pulsating city outside... The film is on 8mm made by Christian Mona and Leif Henning B Johnsen, also known for their fantastic safari-video and Jaga Jazzist.
Watch the videos on AKFF's website:
XFM Nick Luscombe will be running his Norwegian feature during his show this weekend. His show is broadcast between 10pm-1am Sunday 28.07.02 (XFM is on 104.9FM /
THE MIX Nicks interview with Frost will featured as part of a package of interviews supplied to 20 stations around the world (the show is produced at the BBC World Service). The feature was both words and music from Frost and featured alongside Primal Scream.

Music-video of "Amygdala"
A new music-video has been made in a hurry, since the last low-budget video was a failure and far too dodgy. Frost says it never will be shown in public

Wonderful remixes of "Amygdala":
FrostWorld Recordings will release these remixes on vinyl this fall:
*Qwerty's Coldwave Remix
*Mind over Midi's Emotional Memoories Remix


This new single, by a brand new constellation of Norwegian chanteuse Aggie Peterson and producer Per Martinsen, is the first one to hit the airwaves from their album "Melodica" to follow this autumn.

Their beautiful 7" vinyl "Pharmacy", form earlier this year, was a stunning, emotional piece of music, well received amongst music-lovers from all over.

The combination of Aggie's luscious vocals and Martinsens electronic beats, creates a tender, yet edgy musical universe. Frost's melodies and vocal harmonies are accompanied by old organs and bubbly synth-melodies. You can spot references to the coldwaved 80's and find the same beauty as in Yazoo, omd and Cocteau Twins.

Both "Pharmacy" and "Amygdala" are released on Frost's own label FrostWorld Recordings. In Norway Frost is liscenced to Universal Music and the album "Melodica" will be released in September.

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